This week, team members from more than 20 Sun distributor partners completed our first-ever VIRTUAL Electro-Hydraulics Seminar. IFP Group of Companies sales territory managers were participants of this event which included XMD valve drivers, award-winning CANpoint configuration software, and Sun systems for electro-hydraulics pressure regulation and cylinder control.

As an authorized distributor IFP is experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified to help our customers and apply SUN products to their fluid power applications. We maintain a large local inventory for immediate shipment. We also provide onsite consultation, hydraulic system design and engineering, system assembly and integration, testing, and kitting.

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The Challenge


Smooth operation even when things get rough

The need to increase productivity has resulted in faster-operating speeds, However, over rough terrain, this causes issues, including loss of traction, vehicle damage, reduced operator comfort, and lower overall productivity.

Hydac trachor image - challenge

The Products

HYDAC's Unique system

HYDAC's unique system, consisting of accumulators, specialized cartridge valves, and a custom manifold, provides the ultimate in vehicle suspension. In addition, HYDAC can tailor the circuit for your specific application.

Hydac Accumulator

The Solution

HYDAC Suspension Systems

HYDAC suspension systems allow increased vehicle speeds, increased operator comfort, less spillage, reduced maintenance cost, and improved vehicle stability/safety. The system accomplishes this by providing shock absorption on the axle, cab, or boom or payload while operating over rough terrain.

Hydac end loader image


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Innovative Fluid Power Territory Manager, Adam Vogts demonstrates the benefits of Sun Hydraulic's proprietary cartridge valves with larger cavity port hit areas versus the common industry cavity. Adam shows how Sun's floating nose feature allows for less fluid velocity and less pressure drop across the valve. This provides less heat generation and promotes longer wear. Other benefits include

  • Prevents binding and sealing issues
  • Ideal for counter balance and solenoid valves
  • Provides up to twice the amount of installation torque; up to 5,000 psi
  • Ideal for Hydraulic Design Engineers and Machine Builders

Also check out another of Adam's videos featuring the Murr Impact67 Block showing the web interface which demonstrates the ease of diagnostics, troubleshooting, and firing outputs with a (surprise ending!).

IFP Group of Companies welcomes Kasey Walsh as the newest member of the Accounting team in Cedar Rapids! Kasey earned her degree from Iowa Central and has worked in Accounting for Hy-Capacity, JM Swank, and Panera Bread. We are excited to have her as part of the IFP group.


IFP Group of Companies welcomes Patrick Tacadena as a new Inside Sales Coordinator at the IFP West location.