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The full capabilities of the Sun Hydraulics XMD mobile drivers are at your fingertips with the new CANpoint XMD Configuration Software, available as a free download from our website.  Now the world’s smallest, most powerful driver can be configured quickly and easily over CAN bus using a computer, our CANpoint software and an XMD CAN-to-USB hardware interface cable

The launch of this new software allows XMD-02 users to implement open-loop, closed-loop (PID) and hydraulic fan drive control using pre-programmed modes for our dual-output driver.

Real Time Plotting

Flexible input options

The XMD driver accommodates multiple input types, and CANpoint helps you make the most of them. Options include voltage, current, PWM, frequency, resistive and digital.

Output settings

CANpoint provides a simplified output menu for most common solutions and end-use cases with PWM frequency, output mode and ramp settings. Advanced functionality options provide more control for experienced users, including output current regulation PID settings and robust fault detection that includes user-defined fault status modes.

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Digital Proportionals

Atos is the only worldwide manufacturer offering a full range of digital proportionals with outstanding performances and rugged design.

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Servo and servo-proportional valves control pressure or flow, and ultimately, force or velocity. Unlike simple directional valves, they can maintain any position between fully open in one direction or the other.

One example of servo valve use is in 
blow molding where the servo valve controls the wall thickness of extruded plastic making up the bottle or container by use of a deformable die. The mechanical feedback has been replaced by an electric feedback with a position transducer. Integrated electronics close the position loop for the spool. These valves are suitable for electrohydraulic position, velocity, pressure or force control systems with extremely high dynamic response requirements.

More specifically, electrohydraulic proportional directional control valves with pressure and flow (P/Q) manufactured by Atos support the requirements of plastic injection molding, metal die casting, and cushion control of vertical presses. The valves control hydraulic fluid flow to quickly move machine elements into position, then control pressure applied by the cylinder for tight control of the particular process. The valves also greatly simplify the machine architecture by integrating the functions previously performed by multiple proportional controls into a single digital proportional valve. The valves control hydraulic fluid flow to quickly move machine elements into position, then control pressure applied by the cylinder for tight control of the particular process.

Another example of the use of servo valves would be in the Aircraft industry when used to regulate the flow of fuel into a turbofan engine governed by FADEC

Functional Safety

IFP supplier partner Atos manufacturers an array of innovative digital proportional valves with on-board electronics designed for functional safety standards and certified by a notified body. They meet safety standards by performing the safety function in addition to axis motion control or standard valve regulation.

Certified safety valves eliminate the need for machine manufacturers to validate such components in compliance with the applicable safety standards. The main benefit is that a considerable amount of time is saved during the machine design, resulting in a simplification of the system certification process.

The Machine Directive 2006/42/EC with relevant harmonized standards IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and ISO 13849 Performance Level (PL) define the general principles concerning machine safety which manufacturers must consider in order to limit risks related to machine operation.

Some certification categories from Atos product, as an example include:

Safety components
Proportional & on-off valves, ISO & screw-in cartridges and servo-cylinders TÜV certified according to safety directives.
Machine Directive 2006/42/ECIEC 61508 & ISO 13849

Flameproof Ex-d & intrinsic safety Ex-ia valves, cylinders and systems certified according to the main international standards.

Conventional valves
Pressure, flow, check valves and pressure switches in subplate, in-line, screw-in or modular execution.
Pressure relief valves certified to PED 2014/68/EU

In the last year, functional safety in hydraulic systems has become more and more important and is no longer optional; it’s now a basic requirement for every manufacturer. Certified valves support engineers in designing safer systems without wasting time in components validation versus the applicable safety standards.

Hydraulic systems designers need to extend their competence and responsibility in dealing with safety regulations related to the risk prevention for workers and equipment in case of system fault or human error.

Learn more about Atos; watch this video on YouTube:

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Atos also manufactures stainless steel valves, cylinders & servo cylinders, pumps, filters, blocks, and complete systems. Visit the Atos supplier page on the IFP marketing site at:


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At IFP we have adequate stock and great pricing - of Atos NG06 and NG10 Directional Proportional Valves and the  S* Series valves (SDHE/SDKE/SDHL). Contact your Territory Sales Manager for pricing or contact IFP at


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